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Freeman Park is a Trash Free park. Blue trash cans are provided along the beach strand to encourage visitors to pick up trash when it is seen and help us keep the beach clean. All visitors are expected to carry out the refuse they generate and dispose of it properly at home or at another appropriate destination. In order to help visitors to remove their refuse the Town of Carolina Beach Freeman Park Attendants will hand out free trash bags at the entrance to the park and throughout the camping area. By encouraging all visitors to bring out what they bring in we are helping to maintain the beach, protect the environmental resources; including birds, fish and turtles, reduce solid waste in the park, and embracing the ideas of reduce, reuse, and recycle. We all must working together to address trash and littler in Freeman Park to ensure its sustainability for years to come.

We hope all visitors will plan ahead but trash bags are available from the entrance gate attendant and campground staff. If unable to remove trash bags from the park we ask that they be placed in the blue trash cans, not beside them, or deposited into the trash trailers located on the sand at the exit of the park. Please speak with a park attendant if you have any questions or need any additional information.

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